Community Crier Social Software provides tools for active living, retirement, independent living and assisted living communities to bolster engagement and improve quality of life for their residents, which in turn boosts acquisition and retention of residents. Our solutions empower residents to take charge, get involved, and enrich their lives, leading to greater happiness, improved health, and longer life. Across the board we offer a streamlined approach to communications and events management that will save time and reduce costs for both staff and residents.
Enriching Lives

Community Crier Social Software provides easy to use communications platforms that empower residents of independent and assisted living communities to connect to the people and activities that make their lives more interesting and fuliflling.

Improving Workplaces

Our Community Crier platforms streamline communications work for staff collecting information in a centralized, user-friendly platform that allows for seamless event management and resident communications

Connecting Families

Community Crier platforms help families connect with loved ones in retirement communities, offering a shared online space to check up and communicate with residents from near and far